Re: Need Accessible Website Hosting / Creation Referral

Adekoya Rasak

Hello Richard.

I might not have the full knowledge of creating from the scratch with
regard to wordpress. however, I have manage my website using wordpress
and I find it easy and accessible to a large extent rather than doing
html and css. (note: what determine this mostly for me is the kind of
things and functions you want to have on your website).
at least, you can check my website that I manage myself:

If you need further assist, please you can send me private mail. I
often check mails here rarely.

Regard. I am willing to learn from you too.

On 28/03/2017, Richard B. McDonald <> wrote:
Hi Jennifer!

What I have found so far is that Drupal (, in particular Drupal 7
is supposed to be *very* accessible. Also, I have signed-up with BlueHost;
a hosting service. This seems the way forward. I am just starting out
doing this webmastering stuff myself too. Maybe we can share learning
experiences together?



From: [] On Behalf Of Jennifer
Sent: Monday, March 27, 2017 7:55 AM
Subject: Re: Need Accessible Website Hosting / Creation Referral

I have ben doing some research on setting up my own web site and have not
found a lot of great information.

It does seem that basic management is possible, especially if you use
Wordpress to set it up. Everyone I have spoken to, or found referencing the
experience on line, had sighted assistance for the original creation. That
is even true of the Mystic Access people with the new sight there. One blind
person I know uses Bluehost and after getting it set up with some
assistance, has been managing it herself.

If you learn more, I would appreciate it if you share. :)

I am not affiliated with Mystic Access, but I did notice they have a
tutorial for Wordpress that I am thinking of taking myself.


On Mar 25, 2017, at 7:15 AM, Richard B. McDonald
<> wrote:


I need to create and publish a simple webpage. My skills for this are
limited. Is there some site that I can use to host and create a website
that is accessible? If the site also had some accessible resources about
how to go about doing all this, like exactly how do you write the webpage
itself ala HTML, that would be a bonus!

Note that this is not so much about things appertaining to domain names. I
know about them, and am OK about getting them. That said, if the same one
site that was accessible, could host my webpage and also had some webpage
creation resources also happened to have domain establishment and purchasing
capabilities that would be super!




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