Re: Authorizing JAWS using a PacMate (was SMA Notice)



Look at the Thumb Drive version of JAWS for your daughter's away-from-home
usage on other machines. Sounds like what she needs. On the FS web site,
downloadable right along with the standard current JAWS 13.
Dave Carlson
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Subject: Re: Authorizing JAWS using a PacMate (was SMA Notice)

I'm not familiar with remote mode-- what is that?

So far our JAWS use is fairly basic and we have never had need to try and
use JAWS on a machine without a conventionally authorized version of the
product is installed, though I'd like to have that option.

I'd especially like my daughter to be able to use JAWS, say at a friend's
house when she's over visiting, but all of her friends are typically
sighted, so as one might expect, they would not have an expensive screen
reader sitting about on their computer for her to use.

Maybe I can dig up an old PC to test this on with a demo version installed
and see what happens.

On Nov 8, 2011, at 8:59 AM, Farfar on Laptop wrote:


I tried the PacMate and it seems that its authorization is used when in
remote mode. I didn't pursue further, but I'm thinking it only means that
you are using the PC JAWS and PacMate JAWS, and are having the two
communicating remotely, that the PacMate JAWS can be used as authorization
in that case?

Have you tried this yourself to see how it works?

I'd have to ask FS to explain better the point of that type of

Dave Carlson
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Subject: Re: SMA Notice

Interesting. Well, I guess it could be worse. So now you have a $58 dongle
and a $3000 dongle (give or take a few bucks). Given the relatively modest
amount, it may be as well to have an actual dongle at this point (because
the small size if nothing else). Where it actually crossed the line though
was where some of us (sounds like this includes you) ended up with the $3K
unit in the first place which included the license for the $1000 program,
but nobody mentioned it so we spent $900 or so on the same license and
began adding on SMA's by the $100's as years rolled by.

Besides, I suspect the dongle is closer to seamless. I'll bet the Pacmate
solution takes more effort like reauthorizing manually when you boot or
something like that.

The FS guarding of the dongles and their using the SMA's as a giant
stream and all of that continue to sort of baffle me though I don't have
benefit of the numbers involved from their standpoint. From what I grasp,
seems to me they might come out better reducing some charges and allowing
volume sales to increase.

I liked the idea of going with the PAC Mate because of the close
with having JAWS on the PC and the PAC Mate, but the fact of the matter is
the unit (compared to an Apex) is huge and clunky. (Well, even compared to
the mPower from back then). It might not matter so much to some people,
that Apex it basically attached to my daughter much of the day. The size
weight difference is a big deal alone, at least for a third grader. I keep
wondering if they are going to come out with something more Apex-like
meaning FS). After all, the Omni is what, maybe 5 years old now? Surely it
is time for a facelift.


On Nov 3, 2011, at 10:26 PM, Farfar on Laptop wrote:

No, the dongle is not version-specific. It cost me just a few cents over
US$58 to send it to my mailbox. Also I had to digitally sign a form
promising that I would never ever use the dongle in a way as to pervert
use of it strictly for my purposes. Or something along those lines. They
guard those dongles with enormous zeal.

Dave Carlson
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Subject: Re: SMA Notice

Well there we go again, paying more than once for the same thing.
Frustrating, isn't it? They certainly never mentioned the "authorize"
to me when we were looking at buying both a few years back.

Do you mind if I ask what the dongle cost? And is it version-specific

On Nov 3, 2011, at 5:51 PM, Farfar on Laptop wrote:


Interesting. I've got a PacMate that I rarely use any more, and never
much attention to that option to "Use Authorization from PacMate" under
Advanced button in Options/Basics. Very interesting, indeed. And here I
purchased and received my dongle to avoid those annoying

I'll have to give it a try some time.

Dave Carlson
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Subject: Re: SMA Notice

What's not to broadcast? This is not a secret illegal trick. At least to
people I've spoken with at FS have made me aware of this. I get there
reasons to stay current. And I have no problem with being legal. I
it fully, but I don't support paying for more than one license for a
user of the product. My question is if I am paying over and over for the
same authorizations and capacities, and it sounds like maybe I am.
several of us are if we own both JAWS and a PAC Mate.

FS, while trying to sell me a new PAC MATE told me at a trade show that
PAC Mate (a $3,000+ item I already bought before) includes a license to
a full version of JAWS so long as the PAC Mate is hooked to the
Unhooked JAWS would run on the computer in Demo Mode. Sort of makes
you can't use both machines alone if they are connected and each has

As I already had a $1000 copy of JAWS 11 on the desktop machine, I had
way to test it. Sounds to me like I already spent $1000 too much when I
bought JAWS and the PAC Mate at the same time as each includes
includes a JAWS license. Where I am unclear is as to what versions are
supported by the PAC Mate connection and how this is enabled.

I have been hesitant to install a v12 or v13 demo on this machine to
I don't want to mess anything up on the full install of v.11. I was
to hear from a PAC Mate user who tried this feature.

When FS called a while back to try and get me to buy a new SMA (and to
upgrade to v.12, just before V.13 came out) the sales guy confirmed JAWS
included with a PAC Mate in this way, so again, I think this is quite
legit., I just want to figure out any limitations and options with this


On Nov 3, 2011, at 4:46 PM, Adrian Spratt wrote:

As Joni explained earlier this afternoon, there are unsung reasons to
current with JAWS, specifically the behind-the-scenes adjustments that
makes to developments on the Web.

Your daughter would soon find 40-minute mode frustrating because she'd
being interrupted in the middle of her thought process by the need to

I can't comment on your Pac Mate point, and I'm not sure you want to
broadcast it, even assuming the suggestion works.

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Here's a question I have: apparently one can enable JAWS to run from a
copy (without the demo timer turning it off) by hooking up a PAC Mate
you have one). (A FS guy told us this at a trade show this past
Well, we have a "spare" PAC Mate that we basically never use because my
daughter prefers her BrailleNote Apex.

Does anyone know the deal with this? I mean, isn't demo JAWS the same
$900 JAWS that just turns off after what, 30 or 40 minutes?

We bought JAWS 9 with the SMA that got us to 11 and we're doing okay
now. I thought of buying the new SMA, but what does that gain for us?
never called for support after the initial setup all the way from from
to 10 to 11 so I'm not seeing that as a justification, and this is on a
desktop machine so it isn't like we need to be mobile-- this is just
plugging in a USB cable, right?

What am I missing? We've never tried this because we've always had a
copy of JAWS and so far we haven't gone past v.11. Just trying to look
the future.

On Nov 3, 2011, at 3:54 PM, Joni Colver wrote:

Dave, the final price was actually closer to $600 than $500 by the
time I paid the sales tax and shipment of the CD/DVD he insisted I had
to have. I saved a few bucks, but I can say unequivocally that there
is a huge difference in performance on the Internet between JAWS 5 and
JAWS 12.
People probably don't notice that much of a difference version to
version, but I was limping along and frustrated beyond belief trying
to do much online. I am always a reluctant upgrader, so I need the
nudge to do so by having the SMA.

To the person who suggested that SMA stands for send money again, I
got a kick out of that.

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From: "Farfar on Laptoject: Re: SMA Notice


Another way to look at your situation, is in how much money you
actually saved. If you had kept current, going from JAWS 6 through 15
would have been
5 SMA at $120 each for a total of $600. You got current + SMA for $100

So you came out ahead. Congratulations!

Of course I'm not accounting for inflation and the value of the dollar
in all this, but still...

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