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Thanks Kenny and Richard for the information.


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If I may add, the term is a often a bit more generically used as the origin
precedes USB. The USB ones I have seen do appear to be just flash drives,
but many of the older ones were very small box like devices that plugged
into one of several different ports including older serial, parallel, and
even ADB ports on old Macintosh computers. (Probably others too.)

I'm not suggesting that Kenny's answer is incorrect at all. The reason I
mention this is that many of the older models had a short "pigtail" wire
connection where the device would sort of flop about or dangle. I assume
that is where the name actually came from. When you run across that style,
the name may seem to make a little more sense. Most of the other USB devices
I use like this are more often referred to as "hardware keys" lately. In my
experience, either term means the same thing.


On Nov 7, 2011, at 9:25 PM, Kenny Peyatt wrote:

Hi Dondie A dongle is a usb flash drive that has your license key on
it so you can authorize jaws on any computer without using one of your
activation keys on the web.

Kenny Peyatt

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