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Gaylen Kapperman

Dear mark, Below, you will find the information which you can use to join a list to which many blind individuals belong who are interested in foreign languages. I recommend joining the list and then posing your very good question. My experience with this group has been very good. If anyone knows the answer to your question, there is someone on this list who does. Best of luck.

Gaylen Kapperman

Below is the information you need...

Welcome to the mailing list! A warm welcome to The Round Table!

If you are a blind person or have low vision and are studying translation or interpretation, or working in these professions, this is the place for you. Professors who work with blind students of translation or interpretation are also welcome to participate. The list is intended to discuss our work and the particular challenges and difficulties we encounter as they relate to our disability.

Topics may include, but are not limited to such subjects as use of adaptive technology in translation and interpretation, amusing stories about things that happened in class or on the job, or just venting about frustrations we experience related to study or work.

English will be the language of the list, but there may be times when participants may need to use their A languages. If you need to do so and youre A language is not English, please indicate the language in the subject line of your message. The list is set to accept character sets for English, French, German and Spanish. Other languages such as Dutch and Czech can be added if necessary.

It is also very helpful to have profiles for all participants so that list members are aware of such things as languages spoken, country of origin, number of years of study or work experience. If you wish, you may also mention other languages you know but do not use at work, or contact information where other list members may be able to reach you or chat with you. When you receive this message, please post your profile to the list, or send it to Anja Michells at the following address:

AS for list rules, obviously no flaming or personal attacks will be tolerated. Since some participants pay for their service according to the time they spend online, quoting of previous messages should be kept to a minimum. The list is not to be used for advertising purposes, but members are most welcome to share information about products of any kind as long as they use them in relation to their work or study.

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Alan Conway, List owner

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I am wanting to earn a masters degree. To do this i will need to take classes in either hebrew and greek, or latin. After i scan the text books in to the computer and ocr them, how do i get jaws to read them accurately?

Thank you.
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