Re: How do I create "heading levels" in MS Word for quick navigation?

Richard B. McDonald

Hi Pablo!


Thank you *so* much for your below!  This totally works, and it is so easy to do!  YAY!  I have struggled with this seemingly simple and yet really useful task for a long time without any success. 


I have an additional question, though.  It seems like, after activating quick navigation with JAWSKey+z, pressing “h” only works one way, from the top of the document downward.  That is, unlike when on a webpage it does not seem to wrap to the top of the document after reaching whatever heading level was the last one at the end of the document.  Put another way, repeatedly pressing “h” does not cycle through every heading in the document.  Is this behavior a normal, MS Word JAWS thing?


And, yes, you are right in correcting me: it is pressing “h” not JAWSKey+h on a webpage that cycles you through the headings. 





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Subject: Re: How do I create "heading levels" in MS Word for quick navigation?


Hi Richard,

When you are on a web page you don’t press jaws key + H. Jaws key + H is the hot keys for jaws. To do what you need on a web site you press just H.

Now, to insert headings in a word document you are able to use the following keystrokes.

On a main title or heading level 1, keystroke(control+alt+1 on the number row), heading level 2, keystroke(control + alt +2 on the number row), and heading level 3, keystroke(control + alt + 3 on the number row).

Now to navigate on the word document we need to enable quick navigation pressing jaws key + Z. Like this we will not be able to edit the document, but we will be able to press H and navigate heading by heading. Also you will be able to create a list of headings pressing jaws key + F6.




From: [] On Behalf Of Richard B. McDonald
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Subject: How do I create "heading levels" in MS Word for quick navigation?




I have an MS Word 2007 document that has many section captions (or you could call them sub titles).  I would like to give them “heading levels” so that I can use quick key navigation in the document to rapidly move among these sections, like you can do on a webpage by pressing JAWSKey+h.  How do you do this?




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