Re: How do I create "heading levels" in MS Word for quick navigation?

Pablo Morales

Hi Richard,

When you are on a web page you don’t press jaws key + H. Jaws key + H is the hot keys for jaws. To do what you need on a web site you press just H.

Now, to insert headings in a word document you are able to use the following keystrokes.

On a main title or heading level 1, keystroke(control+alt+1 on the number row), heading level 2, keystroke(control + alt +2 on the number row), and heading level 3, keystroke(control + alt + 3 on the number row).

Now to navigate on the word document we need to enable quick navigation pressing jaws key + Z. Like this we will not be able to edit the document, but we will be able to press H and navigate heading by heading. Also you will be able to create a list of headings pressing jaws key + F6.




From: [] On Behalf Of Richard B. McDonald
Sent: Friday, March 24, 2017 7:40 AM
Subject: How do I create "heading levels" in MS Word for quick navigation?




I have an MS Word 2007 document that has many section captions (or you could call them sub titles).  I would like to give them “heading levels” so that I can use quick key navigation in the document to rapidly move among these sections, like you can do on a webpage by pressing JAWSKey+h.  How do you do this?




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