Re: How to navigate Amazon Prime Video with JAWS?

Alyssa <lyssassong@...>

Controls are not spoken for prime video. In order to make it do anything, you have to turn the virtual cursor off right as the video starts. With any luck, you will be where you need to be in the window.


Space plays and pauses the video.

The arrows rewind and fast-forward it.


Now, if you are not where you should be, you will need to tab until JAWS speaks nothing. That way you won’t be on a link when the space bar is used.


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Sent: Tuesday, March 21, 2017 11:19 PM
Subject: How to navigate Amazon Prime Video with JAWS?


HI All,


I am finally checking out the Amazon Prime Video service, a friend having sent me a link.  Does someone have JAWS instructions on how to control the video?  So far all I have been able to figure out is how to start the video.  I would also be interested in a broader tutorial on using Amazon Video with JAWS, giving me steps on searching and general navigation.  Any guidance is much appreciated.


Tim Ford


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