Re: Any PC software that recognize image and work with Jaws?

paul lemm


Sorry the link to the first website doesn't work, please try the link below for the site that will give the description of a photo, for the website that tells you someone's age based on their photo the link is in my original email and that one works fine


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Subject: Re: Any PC software that recognize image and work with Jaws?


I don't know of any software , but there is a great website, you just upload the photo and it tells you what's in the photo. Works well with jaws, the website address is below, I've also included another web link below that one, the second web link you can upload a photo of a person and it will tell you how old that person is, its pretty accurate to

Website for a description of a photo are very clever

website for giving the age of a person in a photo

hope the above helps


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Subject: Any PC software that recognize image and work with Jaws?


Do you know any software that recognize image (not the text on image)
and work with jaws? Just like facebook recognize images or pictures,
any software like such?

If yes, please kindly share the name.

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