Re: Pamela?

Aidan <aidan.smarttalk@...>

Well, I use pamela without problems. You must use the jaws cursor in
the settings, but it does work. I think mp3 skype recorder is far to
basic. That is why I love pamela. I'm using the call recorder adition.
I hope they improve access, but its very much usable. Try a demo so
you can decide for yourself. Its the only one that record mp3, wave
and ogg wich is ausom.

On 20/03/2017, Luis Difut <> wrote:
Very much so. The only thing you need to touch is the initial settings & to
tell it where you want the files saved. It runs in the background on
startup. Once Skype is launched with it running you will need to authorize
it with Skype and your done. All calls with Skype are recorded in MP3
on the drive & folder you specify. You can use the default settings then it
saves to a folder on drive C:. Install it, get it running & if need be give
me a Skype call. Skype handle is luis.difut

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Subject: Re: Pamela?

Thanks. I'll try it.

So, last I heard on the windows side it's not accessible, but I assume
it's been years with you using it, the program is accessible?


Kimsan Song

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Subject: Re: Pamela?

Try MP3 Skype recorder. I've been using it for years now.

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Subject: Pamela?


Has anyone heard or used Pamela?

Apparently, pamela records skype calls, so before I purchase it, I'm
wondering if it's jaws accessible.



Kimsan Song

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