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Kimber Gardner

I believe alt D will also get the cursor into the address bar.

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Brilliant!  I knew there was a way.  THIS WORKS!




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I usually use F6 which gets me into the addressbar, then I press Control+A to highlight the entire address and Control+C to copy it to the clipboard. Once I’m in the email or other document where I want to paste it I do so with Control+V.

This works equally well in Firefox.





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Subject: Copying and Pasting Web Addresses


Using JAWS 17, I used the command look-up feature to determine how to highlight, copy, and paste a Web Address from, for example, Internet Explorer into a document.

I found out that JawsKey + a will read the address or put the Jaws Cursor on the Web Address (though I found this did not actually work in practice), but I was pretty sure there was a way to copy the web address into the keyboard buffer and then paste it into a document with control + v.

Alas!  Perhaps I’m just imagining this useful feature is in Jaws

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