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Londa Peterson <lpeterson@...>

Yes, each version of JAWS is installed in a separate folder. Give it a try
and see if it works. I'd skip 12 and go right to 13. Hope this helps.

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Interesting. That might make some sense though, as I'm pretty certain when
we saw the demo of the FOCUS unit at the show, it was running JAWS 12.

So if I want to test this, can I load JAWS 12 (and / or v.13) to test this
and not mess up the full install of JAWS 11?

On Nov 7, 2011, at 9:13 AM, Londa Peterson wrote:

I don't think you can do contracted Braille input with JAWS 11. I think
need 12 or higher. Sorry.

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Thanks. I do find the contracted braille option there but that seems to be
for just the display itself, not the keyboard input style. The display is
showing contracted content. I noticed it was set to use a Pacmate display
the default and corrected it to a FOCUS display, but it didn't make any
obvious changes to what is happening. Obviously the Pacmate display (when
removed and used as a standalone) is just that-- a display. The FOCUS 40
is a Braille Keyboard and a Display.

Then again, the menu option only says "FOCUS", and I think all except the
Bluetooth FOCUS display have no braille keyboard. Maybe the proper driver
simply missing? Hopefully I can get to them at FS on the phone soon. I
either a driver is missing or I must be overlooking some sort of keyboard
preferences option somewhere...

I also have yet to get the keyboard working as a Bluetooth device. I can
it to show up as "paired", but something is wrong when I use it that way--
nothing happens except that the device does come on and the device name
up in braille (and in the bluetooth list of the computer) so it is indeed
coming on. It simply has to be plugged in via USB right now to be used.

Most of the problem is probably my lack of familiarity with all of this
stuff. It is just all very different that what I'm familiar with. (I'm a
Macintosh Graphics person. )

If I figure anything out I'll post it in case others are interested.



On Nov 3, 2011, at 1:42 PM, Ann Byrne wrote:

Under setting center, go to Braille, general, translation options. I
suppose just tinker there, but it sounds like the right place.

Good luck!

Hi Richard,

I don't know the answer to your question, but Freedom Scientific
might. You may want to give them a call.



On 11/2/11, Richard Holloway <> wrote:
My daughter has been using her FS Focus 40 BT in uncontracted braille
with Jaws 11 for quite a while, but she had use one before in
mode. I believe she said it always displays contracted but she has to
uncontracted. I actually didn't realize the keyboard was running
uncontracted as she flies along pretty quickly and it looks the same to
confused sighted parents like myself trying to keep track of our
braille-using kids.

Can someone tell me how to toggle between contracted and uncontracted
2 / grade 1) please? I suspect it is a simple keystroke, but I'm not
the solution in the print manual, nor does my third grader see it in
braille version. (She's actually often able to find things like this

Thanks so much for any help with this.
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