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Jonathan Milam <milamj@...>

Thanks, Michael. I do know that audio is being taken from my local computer
during remote sessions when it does work, because if I have audio ducking
on, it continues to work properly.


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Hi Jonathan! Are you sure that the speech you are hearing is from your
computer, and not from the Remote Desktop itself? One way you can tell is
by listening, and seeing if some of the words are cut off, or the speech is
a bit sluggish. If this is the case, you may want to go into the advanced
settings, and uncheck the Remote access boxes, and then reboot your machine.
After the computer comes back up, go back into settings, and reenable the
remote access options by checking the appropriate boxes. Reboot again, and
then try to connect to the remote desktop. I had to do this once when using
Citrix Xenn Desktop and it solved my issues.
I should also point out that when you log into a remote desktop session, in
most cases, you don't need to worry about the log on screen anyway, because
the remote computer should already be on. I hope this info helps!

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Thanks, Soronel. I have done this and still have the problem where speech
isn't always available after connecting to an RDP session. I did purchase
the remote access add-on and it is active.


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My experience with RDP is that setting jaws to run at login from the target
computer (as if you were sitting down at that machine and logging in
normally) doesn't work very well. Instead I tell the RDP client to run jaws
after connecting and that does work.

And as Michael says, for RDP to be useful at all you have to have purchased
the remote access option for your jaws license. (At the time I did that it
was only available for jaws pro, but am not sure if that changed with FS'
change in license structure).

On 3/15/17, Michael Mote <> wrote:
Hi Jonathan! I’m wondering if the remote access for JAWS is working
correctly. It sounds like you may be getting the speech through the
PC you’re connecting to, and not your own PC. The other thing that
you mentioned in your email that raises a red flag is the fact that
you have to have your authorization installed on the computer that
you’re connecting to.
If remote access is working properly, that shouldn’t be the case.
Have you paid for the remote access to be enabled on your version of JAWS?

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Jonathan Milam
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Subject: JAWS 18 and RDP Sessions

Hi All,

I am having difficulty using JAWS in RDP sessions. Since the
computers to which I am connecting must be logged on 24/7, I use
Disconnect instead of Logoff to terminate the session. The problem I
am having is that quite often when I connect via an RDP session,
speech is not available with JAWS.
I usually have to end the JAWS process through Task Manager and then
restart it again to have speech. However, this doesn’t always work,
and I have to restart the entire computer to resolve it. Other times
it connects without difficulty and speech is immediately available. I
have checked to run JAWS and logon and after all users using Always,
but this hasn’t helped. The only consistent connection I can get is
with a computer on which JAWS is registered with my auth code. I was
under the impression that the auth code wasn’t needed for computer
running JAWS remotely, however, and so this doesn’t explain the
inconsistency I’m seeing. The problem is happening on several
different desktops with 2 running WIN7 and 1 running WIN10. Does
anyone have ideas on this?



Soronel Haetir

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