JAWS 18 and RDP Sessions


Hi All,


I am having difficulty using JAWS in RDP sessions.  Since the computers to which I am connecting must be logged on 24/7, I use Disconnect instead of Logoff to terminate the session.  The problem I am having is that quite often when I connect via an RDP session, speech is not available with JAWS.  I usually have to end the JAWS process through Task Manager and then restart it again to have speech.  However, this doesn’t always work, and I have to restart the entire computer to resolve it.  Other times it connects without difficulty and speech is immediately available.  I have checked to run JAWS and logon and after all users using Always, but this hasn’t helped.  The only consistent connection I can get is with a computer on which JAWS is registered with my auth code.  I was under the impression that the auth code wasn’t needed for computer running JAWS remotely, however, and so this doesn’t explain the inconsistency I’m seeing.  The problem is happening on several different desktops with 2 running WIN7 and 1 running WIN10.  Does anyone have ideas on this?




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