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Kimsan <kimsansong@...>

I don't even have jaws 12 installed.

All I have running on my machine is jaws and window eyes.
I just looked on the fs activate site and I have no activations left.
Oh well, I will just stick with whaaat I have.

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So you're saying that your JAWS 12 runs in 40-minute mode and you have no
more activations left on the FSActivate web site?

IF so, it won't help your install of JAWS 13.

If you had previously saved your activation and authorization folders from
your previous non-demo-mode JAWS 12 you could then recover them and JAWS 12
should then run normally.

If you have JAWS 12 running normally then installing JAWS 13 should not
require you to reactivate -- don't have any more SMA to allow
you to run JAWS 13. If that is the case, the technique to not burn a key
will not help.

So I'm a bit confused with your question and your exact situation, as you
can surmise.

Dave Carlson
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I am wanting to know if I installed 13 and wanted to activate 12 without
burning a key would that make sense or will I need to install from the
oldest version to the most current one.

I am referencing the steps that someone provided a while back. I am aware it
is not garenteed to work on a windows 7 machine but I got lucky last time.

Why do I want 12 seeing as I have 13 running? No special reason, just
curious on how it would work if it would work.


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