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attached is the Registry key you need to have sound in safe mode.
below are the instructions on what to do

1. the attached file is a text file .txt,
you need to change this to a registry file by changing the extention of the file.
this is the last 3 letters of the file after the full stop, .txt
you need to change the .txt to be .reg
So save the attached file to your computer somewhere, may be the desktop,
now go to the place where you have saved the attached file & rename it by changing the extention from .txt to .reg
so the file name after you have changed it will be
Activate Sound in SafeMode.reg

now just hit enter on the file Activate Sound in SafeMode.reg
and you will get a window asking if you want to make changes to the registry, you need to press yes
now another window will come up you need to press ok.
now you can reboot & go into safe mode & you will have sound, the jaws may not work due to the video driver not loading but you can use NVDA.

2. if the attached file doesnt get to you because the admin of this list doesnt allow attachments, then do the following

I have pasted the text of the registry file below,
you just need to coppy & paist the below into a notepad document & then save it as a .reg file.

once you have pasted the below into notepad,
press control s for save,
then tab once to save as type & change this to all files,
now shift tab back into the file name edit box and name the file what ever you want & make sure the last 3 letters of the file name are .reg
for example you can name it something like
sound in safe mode.reg

so coppy everything below between the lines of stars,
do not coppy the lines of stars


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@="[6cFgE][Şοûпđ, νìδ℮ô άήδ ğªмè ¢őήťřόℓŀèґš !!! !!! !]"

@="Portable Media Devices"







@="[6cFgE][Şοûпđ, νìδ℮ô άήδ ğªмè ¢őήťřόℓŀèґš !!! !!! !]"

@="Portable Media Devices"








once you have done all this then just press enter on the file that you have made & go through the windows that come up
then you will have sound in safe mode

it works great
Hope it helps
good luck

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From: Георги Ламбов
Sent: Saturday, March 11, 2017 4:38 AM
Subject: safe mode again

Hello people!
I'd like to ask if it exists any application for anouncement by speech
during work in safe mode. I want to uninstall avast with the help of
clear avast. But when it's chosen safe mode is ful silence. I tried and
tried to uninstall otherwise avast but this time without succes. I'll be
thankful of any suggestions and also for another ideas for uninstalling

best regards


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