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What does OE stand for, does anybody know?


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From what you say, JAWS 13 has the same limitation here that JAWS 12 and
earlier versions have. The following is a slightly modified version of an
earlier post of mine.

Permanent punctuation settings are not made in the configuration manager.
Instead, you find them in JAWS options (insert-j), then by arrowing down to
and clicking on the voices submenu. From there you press enter on voice
adjustment and tab to punctuation.

The default setting is for global voices. However, you want different levels
of punctuation for different applications. In JAWS 11, this requires
creating a voice profile.
Below, I'll copy the example Bill white posted to this list to suggest how
this can be done. Let me say that this process is ridiculously complicated
for a setting that many JAWS users would want to change from time to time.
Other listers will write in if the process has been changed, and hopefully
simplified, in JAWS 13. Here goes:

I have an example of a profile that goes with OE. I called the profile oe,
as in o e, and the thing I wanted to change was the punctuation. In the
configuration manager, it is impossible to have punctuation set to none,
unless you customize every single punctuation entry. But in the Profile,
there is a selection, Punctuation none.
So I set the punctuation to none, and also slowed down the voice so that it
would be slower than my default voice.
In this way, I customized OE, so it would not read all the punctuation, and
would have a slower reading rate.
After saving the profile, I started OE. Then I Pressed Insert+J to bring up
the Jaws context menu. From there I went back to options, voices, select
profile, and selected OE. Then I checked the box that said: For OE.
It was done, and whenever OE starts, it comes up with the parameters I set
in the JAWS profile.

** Punctuation Levels

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Subject: help with punctuation

Just upgraded to Jaws 13. Using Windows Live Mail latest. I merged with
Jaws 12.0, and chose no punctuation.

I am getting all sorts of punctuation in my email! I don't mind it in note
pad or word, but I don't want to here it when I am trying to just read my
email! How can I stop this? I don't wish to put ( in the dictionary as a
space! Help?

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