Re: Jaws and bulky MS Word documents

Carina Venter

Hi All,

Thanks for the responses. I'm running Jaws 18 (home) and Windows 7 on
a Dell Latitude (e7250). Memory = 8 GB, processor = Intel I5, CPU at
2.30 ghz. I suppose beefing up the memory to 16 or 24 GB might help?


On 3/10/17, Kelly Pierce <> wrote:
What are the specifications of your microprocessor and ram? In 2013,
I switched from a Pentium 4 running Windows XP with a gig of RAM to a
super duper speedy computer with the Intel 4770 i7 processor and 24
gigs of RAM. It was the fastest processor for sale at the time and no
computer had as much memory. I have never had a problem with heavily
formatted Word documents since then.


On 3/9/17, Kevin Hourigan <> wrote:
I copied and pasted a book into word and navigating it is not a pretty

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Any tips to prevent Jaws from becoming severely unresponsive when working
with large and footnote-heavy word docs? The long delays and slowing down

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