Re: Jaws 18 & QuickBooks Online

Ted Drake

Hi Rocco

I manage product accessibility at Intuit and thank you for your interest.

QuickBooks Desktop has better support for JAWS 18 when combined with the scripting that is available at My Blind Spot.

We spent 18 months building a new platform for QuickBooks Online that is accessible. We are now in the process of replacing older components and pages with these new elements. It's going to take some time, but you will find improvements every week. 

Currently, you could use QuickBooks Online, but there are form inputs that lack labels and the company setup screens are difficult. However, the iOS and Android apps work quite well and you can manage your day to day work via the apps. You can also do some of the company settings via the apps.

You can write me directly if you have any questions: accessibility-feedback@...

Ted Drake


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