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Soronel Haetir

The problem with mouse clicks is that they occur where the mouse
cursor is, while the applications key triggers where the keyboard
caret is. I nearly always want the latter behavior,you can route one
to the other with jaws but that is an extra step. And the applications
key is something I use a couple dozen times a day, an extra step there
is not appreciated (much like I don't really appreciate the added
hassel of shift+f10 compared with a proper applications key).

On 3/7/17, Brian Vogel <> wrote:
If we're talking laptop machines, you also have the option of not disabling
the mousepad but masking the part of the mousepad that causes pointer

I do this routinely on the laptops my clients use by getting a reasonably
substantial piece of cardboard (it need not be corrugated, something about
the thickness of the back of a legal pad will do, or you could use rigid
plastic, but that's harder to cut) and taping the left edge such that the
flap can be opened like the cover of a book.  Since there are plenty of
occasions where someone may seek out sighted assistance and most sighted
folks cannot function without the mouse this makes "turning the mouse
movement feature on again" virtually instant.

This allows the native left click and right click buttons to be available
and accessible for their intended uses.  Many laptop keyboards don't have an
applications/menu key since right clicking performs the same function.

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Soronel Haetir

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