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Sieghard Weitzel <sieghard@...>

Not all keyboards have an application key.
If you get Pin to Start and More, open "More" and select "Open File Location.
If it is Word you want on the desktop then the place where you end up is already a Word shortcut, you can then just copy it and paste it after you close that Window and press Windows Key+M to minimize to the desktop.


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nope the applications key can't be over 2 from the spacebar to the right, cause nothing came up.
I arrowed down to word, hit the keyboard key 3 spaces to the right of the spacebar, but i see no option to put it there.

On 3/5/2017 4:02 PM, Hank & Patty wrote:

Hello back,

Being already located in the start menu on the particular program that
you want to create this desktop shortcut for, try pressing the
application key which is 2 keys over to the right side of the space
bar, pressing this application key always bhrings up a menu of options
and one of them is usually create a desktop shortcut.

Hope this helps,
All the best,

Jaws 18 user with Windows 7,

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Subject: putting a shortcut on the desktop

Hey guys,

I wanna create a shortcut for a program and put it on my desktop. I
go to my list of programs, but there seems to be no option to make a
shortcut in win 10 when i right click on it. Any ideas?
I'm running jfw17

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