Re: New KNFBReader app for Windows 10


My question as well. Also does anyone know if it would work with an OpticBook 3600 scanner?

And where is the link again?

Accidentally deleted, and I’m working with a challenging computer right now!




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Sent: Saturday, March 04, 2017 7:00 AM
Subject: Re: New KNFBReader app for Windows 10


Hey, do you guys think I could purchase the KNFB Reader for Windows 10; even though at this point in time I have Windows 7 on my laptop? I mean can I make the purchase from the windows 7 machine and just keeping it on it, until I upgrade to windows 10?

See what I mean?

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Sent: Friday, March 03, 2017 9:12 PM
Subject: Re: New KNFBReader app for Windows 10


I would lso be interested in reading about this, as I have the KNFB Reader app. for Iphone but have never been able to get it to work accurately.




On 3/1/2017 5:13 PM, Cristóbal wrote:

Don’t knowif others have come across it yet, but seems that there’s now a KNFBReader app available for Windows 10. If you have a laptop with a webcam or a stand-alone webcam or if you have a scanner it’s supposed to work as an oCR solution.

Of course my luck, I just got around to upgrading to Kurzweil1000 14 last month.

Anyway, for those who have downloaded it, can they comment on accuracy or if scans are comparable to K1000?

Also, does this app work with Jaws unlike K1000 where you have to switch between programs and keyboard commands?

If it takes away the step of switching between programs and keyboard commands, I may still be interested.

It’s on sale for $20.00 for  the next couple of days. Whereas the regular price seems to  be $100.00 like the iOS app



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