Re: Disabling "copyright" symbol in Word 2016

Tim Ford

Hello Elise,


I have a work-around solution for you.


That irritating auto-change feature in Word goes back many versions, at least to Word 2003 if memory serves me right.  I am sure there is a way to go in an turn off that auto-change, and someone on this list knows, but there is also an easy way.  As soon as you finish typing (c) and press another key, Word has done the conversion, which you can verify with the say line command in JAWS.  Use the backspace key, and stop as soon as you hear the copyright symbol get erased.  Then, simply type the (c) again, and Word understands that is what you want and it does not auto-change.  Just to prove the point, I noticed that in writing this response, in Outlook with Word as my text editor, I had to manually change when I wrote the (c).  Another option is to wait until you are done with the document, then do a global search and replace to take care of the matter all in one pass.


Tim Ford



From: [] On Behalf Of Elise Berkley
Sent: Friday, March 3, 2017 8:01 PM
Subject: Disabling "copyright" symbol in Word 2016


Hello, group.

Whenever I type a document in Word 2016, and I number a line as -parentheses, the letter c, closed parentheses -, it always reads "copyright". It is a little annoying for me to keep hearing this. It does it automatically when I type in Word 2016; I am not inserting the "copyright" symbol from the list. Is there a way to stop JAWS from reading the "c" as "copyright"? Thanks. I am running Windows 8.1 with JAWS 16.


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