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David <davidwhitehead1957@...>

Good afternoon to all;

I hope the following will be of some help to someone.
I just got finished helping one of my clients with updating her jaws.

She contacted me saying "My jaws just won't update!
No matter what I do!
So I gave her a call,
She's right, her jaws wouldn't update,
Until I turned off the UAC in vista.
Once I turned off the UAC? Boom, her jaws was immediately activated, once we
went to the activation over the internet.
Now I'm not implying that this is for all cases, however, if one runs into
the same difficulty, I would turn off the UAC, your computer will need to
Then activate,
Go through the startup wizard,
Once everything is okay,
Turn back on the UAC,
And restart the computer.
Note, make sure you have the jaws13 set to start.

Hope this will be helpful for someone.

Have a good day.

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