Re: Recent issues with jars

Kimber Gardner

Many users are having the "lagging" problem in jaws 18. There has been
quite a bit of discussion about it on one of the jaws lists to which I

Unfortunately, I don't have a solution for you. But I strongly urge
you to report your issues to Freedom Scientific (or whatever they're
called now). Let them know what's happening in as much detail as you
can. So far, I don't believe they have acknowledged that there is a
problem with version 18. But the more people who report it, the
better. Eventually, they will have to admit there is something to it.

3/17, Bonnie Vegiard <> wrote:

Hello all,

I have been having multiple recent issues with Jaws, but the problem is I
have been so busy that I have really not been able to sit down to try to
figure out what is going on. Of course, this just means I get slowed down
and I am busier still.

I might just have my settings wrong or something. I am using windows 10,
office 365, and jaws 18. The office suite is not web-based, it is programs
on my computer that are part of a subscription, so I'm unclear if that is
actually office 365 or not. But it is current. Here are some of the things
that are happening:

When I arrow down through a word document, jars just keeps saying "blank
line" when I can see that there is text there. I use both JAWS and Nagic

There are several websites that I go to that I know have edit boxes or
buttons, but Jaws just keeps saying "no edit boxes" or "no buttons"

Finally a very frustrating ond happens when I am cutting and pasting from an
email into word, and then flipping back to my email to close it down. I do
this rather quickly, but I feel like it should keep up. Many times recently
it has simply crashed Jaws. I can't just close jars down either, I have to
reboot the whole computer.

I am also noticing that when I am typing, very often jaws cannot keep up
with that either. I am usually in an email I think, although it may happen
in word as well. Jars just stop talking, and then I have to pause, and a few
seconds later it will pop back on. Shouldn't it keep up with the simple

I did not used to have these problems at all, but as I said I have been
having them for sometime now, back to jars 17. I am now current with 18, but
the problems have not gone away. I may have settings wrong somewhere. If any
of you have any ideas, I would love to hear. Thank you!



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