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         You've already received great advice to which I'm going to add a bit.  If someone is sending you an image scan of a brochure you might want to ask them whether they can scan it as a PDF instead to begin with.  If I'm scanning something that is not a pure image, that is, a photograph, I always PDF scan it with the OCR option on my scanner so that the document is searchable on Windows and readable by screen readers.

           If this is not an option then I echo the advice that you will want to save this image as a PDF via the converter mechanism of your choice and then run OCR processing on the resulting PDF file.  I have found that Tracker Software's PDF XChange Viewer or PDF XChange Editor, while not 100% accessible for all functions, are 100% accessible for OCR processing image PDFs.  Here are the instructions for doing so if you install either one:

Using PDF XChange Viewer to perform OCR on any PDF you receive that is an image PDF, step-by-step:

1.     Open PDF XChange Viewer from your start menu.

2.     Hit ALT+F,O to bring up the file open browsing dialog.

3.     Hit ALT+I to jump directly to the Look In combo box

4.     Hit down arrow to get into the area that’s somewhat, but not exactly, like the tree view in Windows Explorer.

5.     Hit L until you hear, “Libraries,” announced.

6.     Hit TAB two times, you should hear, “Documents”.

7.     Hit SPACEBAR to select the Documents library.

8.     Hit ENTER to open the documents library.

9.     Hit the first character of the folder or file name you’re trying to perform OCR on. Keep doing this with the first character until you hear its name announced.

10.                        Hit Enter to open the file or folder.  If you’re dealing with a file at this step go straight to step 11.  Otherwise, do the following

a.     If you know the file is in this folder then use the “hit the first character” technique to locate it and jump to step 11 once you have.

b.     If you need to drill down another folder level go back to step 9.

11.                        Hit ALT+O to open the file in PDF XChange Viewer.

12.                        Hit CTRL+SHIFT+C to open the OCR dialog box.  Immediately hit ENTER to initiate the OCR processing.  The length of time this takes depends on the size of the file being processed.  JAWS does not read the processing status box, but will announce the file’s name with star after it when the processing completes.  That’s how you’ll know it’s done.

13.                        Hit ALT+F,S to save the file and its OCR text into the original file itself.

14.                        Hit ALT+F4 to close PDF XChange Viewer.


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