Re: driving a pc using the braille display:

Maria Kristic

It is dot 3. So dots 3-8 CHORD simulates the CTRL key. Take a look at the “Braille Display Input Commands” topic in JAWS help for more input on driving your PC from your Focus…






From: [] On Behalf Of Kenny Peyattt jr.
Sent: Tuesday, February 28, 2017 5:09 PM
Subject: driving a pc using the braille display:


Hi I have a focus44 braille display, and I tried holding down dot 8-chord and I pressed dot 2 for control then I released the keys and I pressed the letter s and it is recognizing dot2 as the insert key. So what key would I use on the focus44 to simulate the control key? If it is not supported, will I need to purchase a focus40 blue?

Kenny Peyatt jr.

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