Re: difficulty subscribing to podcasts using jaws and itunes

Maria Kristic

When you open iTunes and land on your list of media items of whatever media kind is selected, SHIFT+TAB about six times until you reach the “iTunes Store” radio button, and press ENTER to activate it. This will activate the iTunes Store. Press F6 to move to the Search area of the store, and type in the podcast name you are looking for. In the Search results page that appears (you may have to use F6/SHIFT+F6 to cycle to it; it is a page that looks like a Web page), press H until you reach the Podcasts heading, and DOWN ARROW until you reach the link whose name matches what you are looking for. Activate it to open the page for that podcast. From the top of the podcast page, if you press the Navigation Quick Key B once, you should land on the Subscribe button. Press ENTER to activate. Depending on your settings, you may receive a confirmation dialog asking if you really wish to subscribe; press ENTER on the Subscribe button in the confirmation dialog, and you should then be subscribed and be able to see the podcast when you view your list of podcasts…






From: [] On Behalf Of louise peyton
Sent: Monday, February 27, 2017 12:18 PM
Subject: difficulty subscribing to podcasts using jaws and itunes


Hello, all:

I have Jaws 18, Windows 10 Home, and latest version of iTunes version 12 update.  How do I subscribe to a specific podcast using Jaws 18 and iTunes?  Thanks in advance for your help.

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