Re: JAWS cannot detect contents of Install Shield Update Manager

Joni Colver <earlybird@...>

Adrian, I don't know if this will be of any help because I am not familiar
with this program, but I found some information about something called
Install Shield at:

Apologies if this is not on the right track, and good luck resolving the
annoying issue.


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From: "Adrian Spratt" <>
This morning while I wasn't at my computer, I heard a rapid-fire burst of
JAWS speech. When I got to the keyboard, whatever message had been spoken
had disappeared. However, my system tray has a new item: "Install Shield
Update Manager." This has happened many times before, and every time I can't
find what is going on. Here's what I try:

1. Press enter on the system tray item. I'm taken to the start button,
indicating I've been bounced out of the system tray.

2. Instead of pressing enter, I press JAWS left mouse click on the item.
Result? I'm taken right back to the application I had been in. ditto with
JAWS right click and the applications key.

3. In all these stages, I switch to the JAWS cursor and arrow around in
search of a clue, but in vain.

Whatever is going on is disruptive. I'll soon have to reboot. past
experience shows that after that, the system tray item goes away.

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