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I always use the number corresponding the the version of Jaws I'm using.
6 for JFW 16, 7 for JFW 17 and 8 now for JFW 18. I find this more helpful
when I've got multiple instances of Jaws on my machine and need to
launch one or another version for whatever reason.
Every time an update is installed though, you have to go back and reset
the hotkey.

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Hi Mike,

go to your desktop, find the version of jaws that you wish to make the short
cut for.
Press alt enter to open the properties box, tab until you get to shortcut
Press the key combination that you wish to use to launch Jaws. Next press
alt a to apply, and enter to close the box.
This should work without a hitch.
Take care.

Paul Sandoval
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On Feb 25, 2017, at 9:30 AM, Mike Rogers <harpman9@...> wrote:

Hi folks.
I had a hot key for starting Jaws, but the update that I installed
eliminated it and I can't remember how to create one for this. Any help



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