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Adrian Spratt


This sluggishness is familiar. My solution is periodically to close down
Outlook 2003 and JAWS, at least once a day. Both are memory hogs. Wait maybe
thirty seconds to bring them back up.

The problem was much worse when I had a certain antivirus program installed.
When I replaced it with Nod32, Outlook performed much better, though I still
need to unload it once a day.

Recently, I reduced JAWS's sluggishness by updating the drivers throughout
my system with the application Driver Detective. I found it helpful to have
sighted assistance during the updating process.

----The only difference between my configuration and yours is that you have
XP Home while I have XP. This may be an unhelpful distraction, but I didn't
think XP Home was designed to work with a network, and your system seems to
be hooked up to one. I wonder if that's something to look into.-
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Dear Friends,

I use MS Outlook 2003 for connecting to my office exchange server and only
use its mail function. I am using Windows XP home with JAWS 12 and I am
having severe problem. It works very slow and sometimes leads to computer
hanging up. I have 2 GB of RAM. Could there be specific settings for JFW
to make it more friendly? I would appreciate urgent help. Thank you.

Ketan Kothari
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