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What I did one time when I lost my drivers was go to the device manager and go to the sound driver and remove them. When I restarted my computer Windows loaded some generic drivers automatically.


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So sorry that you have to deal with this.  I myself hate dealing with these major issues.  Computers are fine when they are working, but when they are not, well... That's a different story.


On 2/24/2017 7:09 PM, Cristóbal wrote:

I spoke to FS support and they as I figured were stumped. What they did suggest and what I'll probably do is to grab the drivers off Dell's website and manually install them with a thumb drive since I for whatever reason am not even getting an internet connection even though I'm hard wired to the router. I'll deal with the internet thing later if I can get sound back first.

I may even run down to BestBuy and buy a cheap external soundcard just to see. So... Anyone have an suggestion on a cheap external sound card by the way?

I might even try giving Microsoft accessibility a call over  the weekend. The saga continues.



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I always download the exc. File and install that way and have no issues.


Also, I see that those who are having the issues are seems to be all running dell computers.


My sighted brother has a dell desktop newer model and always seems to have some dell related issue with a driver or two when a windows update is installed.


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Subject: The big JAWS update question


So, I have been involved in two computers updating to the latest JAWS update with no problems. Before I continue I just want to get a feel for if any other people are experiencing problems such as the one described on the list. I don’t want to hit anymore update buttons if there is a high likelihood that I may put some of my computers on the frits. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

Nate Kile


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