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Maria Kristic

Hi Rahul,

Thanks for the clarification--now I see why our results are different! Even though JAWS 16 came out before Office 2016, I would not have imagined that it would create all of these issues because I didn't think 2016 was so very vastly altered from 2013, but I suppose that there are more under-the-hood changes in Office 2016 than I thought, or something. Anyway, I am really grasping at straws, so to speak, since all I have here is this one computer with Windows 10, Office 2016, and I removed all JAWS versions from it except 18, but here are some thoughts I had on what else you could try or different ways of accomplishing the tasks:

1. Can you perhaps use INSERT+PAGE DOWN to read the status line of the window? On my setup, the status line contains number of pages and words, so this could perhaps be another way to get a word count? If your status bar doesn't show word count, you can press F6 a couple of times from the document until you reach the "status bar toolbar", then hit the APPLICATIONS key to access the Context Menu, and press ENTER on the Word Count option to check it if it is not already checked.
2. I have two suggestions for you to try to move by paragraph. Can you perhaps use the JAWS Laptop Layout keystrokes CAPSLOCK+CTRL+U, CAPSLOCK+CTRL+I, and CAPSLOCK+CTRL+O to reliably read/move between previous/current/next paragraph, respectively? Or, can you enable Navigation Quick Keys in Word with INSERT+Z, then use P and SHIFT+P to move between paragraphs, and exit Navigation Quick Key mode with INSERT+Z when you have reached somewhere you wish to type?
3. Can you perhaps...coax...Say All to move backward or forward with the LEFT and RIGHT ARROW keys while the Say All is in progress? You can set which element the LEFT and RIGHT ARROW keys rewind/fast forward by with the "Say All Reads" setting in Quick Settings or Settings Center?
4. I wonder if you can still select all the text in the Comment edit field, so that you could perhaps write your new comment in another Word document, copy it to the clipboard, delete what was already in the Comment edit field, paste the new version, and ESC out? Even though JAWS says "blank" in the Comment pane, I wonder if CTRL+HOME would take you to the top, CTRL+SHIFT+END to select what is there, CTRL+C to copy, and paste in to a new, blank Word file? If the content pastes, you can edit it and copy the whole, edited comment to the clipboard; if it doesn't paste, type the new comment completely and copy that. Then, back to the Comment pane in the original file, move to top again and select to end, DELETE to get rid of what was there, CTRL+V to paste what you copied from the other file, and then ESC to save your changes. You could see if the edited version is there by using the JAWS Comments list or the JAWS Announce Comment feature. It would be a bit tedious to keep moving between two files, but if it worked...

Or perhaps, the suggestion from another list member to try working in Draft view when trying to accomplish these tasks would improve your results?

Hope some of this is useful! Will be interested to know if any of it works out for you...Good luck!!


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Dear Maria,

Thank you so much for your detailed and informative response.
Actually, I am not using a genuine version of Office 2016 since the same is exorbitantly priced in India. So I cannot upgrade to the latest version.
While I continue to face issues 1 to 3, I have tried using your strategy to deal with issue 4.
However, after I press alt-r-n on the comment concerned, JAWS says 'comment pane' followed by 'blank'. It doesn't allow me to engage with the text in that comment. I am not sure what can be done about this.

I have JAWS 16 and Windows 8. I cannot install the latest version of JAWS since my dongle is only for JAWS 16.
Any ideas as to what I could do?


On 24/02/2017, Maria Kristic <> wrote:
Hi Rahul,

With the latest JAWS 18 build (build 18.0.2530), latest updates to
Office 365, and Windows 10 installed, I was unable to reproduce issues
1-3, and I believe you are experiencing issue 4 because of the changes
made in Word
2016 as to how comments are displayed--see notes below. Since you said
you just installed Office 2016, I wonder if the installers are always
updated to reflect the latest updates, so I would suggest checking for
updates in Windows, installing any updates available for Office, and
then trying again.

I tested your issues on a large Word file I created by copying/pasting
several files to create a 2,880-page document. Here's what happened,
using the desktop version of Word 2016:

1. It did take my seven-year-old computer about 20 seconds, but when I
accessed the Word Count option from the Review tab of the ribbon, the
dialog did eventually come up, and I was able to access it (e.g.,
2,880 pages,
1,368,661 words, etc.)
2. I went to page 585 and used CTRL+DOWN ARROW to move continuously
through paragraphs until I got to page 591, and then used CTRL+UP
ARROW to move in reverse, and the cursor moved by paragraphs as expected.
3. I performed a Say All at page 585 and let it go to page 594...The
pages read straight through as expected.
4. As this also does not work with another screen reader I tried, I
believe, as I said above, that this is due to Word 2016 changes.
Comments are now displayed in a separate Comments pane which appears
when necessary. That is, when I select the option to create a new
comment from the Review tab for example, the pane appears with an edit
area in focus, I write and navigate the comment as I would in a
typical edit field, and I press ESC when done to save the comment and
return to the document. In order to make the pane visible again and
thus be able to edit/delete comments, the most efficient way I have
found is to use JAWS' Comments List feature together with Review
ribbon Comments group shortcuts. I use the JAWS feature
(CTRL+SHIFT+APOSTROPHE) or cursor movement to navigate to where the
comment I want to manipulate is located. Then, I press ALT+R, N to
activate the Next Comment button on the Review tab, which causes the
Comments pane to appear with the comment I want to manipulate in
focus. I can change what is written in the edit field. ALT+R, V
activates the Previous Comment button of the Review tab and presents
the previous comment in an edit field in the Comments pane; ALT+R, N
activates the Next one; ALT+R, D activates the Delete split button
from which I can choose to delete the comment in focus or all comments
in the document; ESC closes the pane and returns me to the document.

Hope it helps!


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Rahul Bajaj
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Subject: Problems Faced While Using Word 2016

Hi All,

I recently installed office 2016 and have been facing the following
challenges while using word:
1. JAWS and Word get hanged when I open the word count in the
review tab; 2. JAWS often doesn't read anything at all when you
control+down arrow in large documents beyond a particular point; 3.
When you press the say all command, JAWS reads the same chunk of
over and over again as opposed to moving forward; and 4.
Right-clicking a comment does not give you access to options that can
help you edit/delete a comment. JAWS pretends that the comment doesn't
exist and displays the same context menu that it would without the comment being there.
This is significantly hampering my productivity; any pointers would
much appreciated.


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