Re: Refurbished Tablets

Juan Hernandez

I feel that the braille note touch is way overprised for what it truly does.

I prefer to use a real tablet, either android or iPad, in this case an iPad,
and get one of those great keyboard cases like the clamcase pro cases, and
if you need braille get a braille display like the baum vario ultra 20, etc

The 5500$$$ price tag on the note takers from humanware and hims, and anyone
else is way Too much money these days.

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All of the current braille note takers are really expensive. I am excited
about some of the new products being revealed with super affordable price
tags on braille displays. Even a $500 tablet that has its own Braille


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On Feb 21, 2017, at 7:40 AM, Zachary Morris <morriszachary99@...>

Do you use Braille at all? If so, you should look into a BrailleNote
Touch, yes, I know it's expensive, but it has the power to do all of that
plus much more.
Zachary Morris

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Subject: Refurbished Tablets

Hello, everyone.

I am a little green in this area. I was wondering what everyone thinks
about purchasing refurbished tablets from somewhere like, say Amazon. I
need a tablet for school just to take notes. Then, when I get home, I copy
my note files over to my laptop and do the real work there. Thanks for your


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