Major computer issue after updating Jaws


Hello list,

So I downloaded and updated the new jaws 18 release that was made available today.

I first ran the update on my personal Win 7 Pro Dell laptop and everything went as usual. Did the reboot and all was good. I’m writing this email on that machine.

I waited for the business day to be over before doing the same on my Dell Win 10 pro business desktop. Again, ran the downloaded installer, went through the process and clicked on the ok button when I was prompted to reboot.

However, on the desktop, I am not able to get to the actual desktop. Indeed, there is absolutely no sound coming from my machine. The only way I know what’s going on is with my sighted wife’s help. I get to the screen with three buttons for connect to the Internet, ease of access and the power down button. The connect to the Internet button is crossed out as if it hasn’t completed loading. The ease of access button is active, but even if I try to start narrator, there is still no sound. My wife says that it looks like Narrator turns on, but with no sound, there’s nothing I can do. That and since the desktop doesn’t come up, I still can’t get anywhere. The only thing we’re able to do is access the power button to either restart or shut down the computer.

We’ve tried restarting and pressing the f12 button when that prompt comes up briefly, but then I get a screen with options of a legacy boot and other diagnostics options that I’m not familiar with.

As far as the sound goes, I’ve made sure and checked with both my USB powered headphones and regular desktop speakers. There aren’t even any system sounds.

Don’t  know  if even calling  FS would be of any help since again, there’s no  audible feedback  what so ever. Can’t even try a system restore since I can’t get to  the desktop where everything’s fully loaded. NVDA doesn’t  come up either.

Any ideas?

I’m really at a loss.




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