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Rahul Bajaj

Dear Maria,

Thank you so much for your detailed and informative response.
Actually, I am not using a genuine version of Office 2016 since the
same is exorbitantly priced in India. So I cannot upgrade to the
latest version.
While I continue to face issues 1 to 3, I have tried using your
strategy to deal with issue 4.
However, after I press alt-r-n on the comment concerned, JAWS says
'comment pane' followed by 'blank'. It doesn't allow me to engage with
the text in that comment. I am not sure what can be done about this.

I have JAWS 16 and Windows 8. I cannot install the latest version of
JAWS since my dongle is only for JAWS 16.
Any ideas as to what I could do?


On 24/02/2017, Maria Kristic <> wrote:
Hi Rahul,

With the latest JAWS 18 build (build 18.0.2530), latest updates to Office
365, and Windows 10 installed, I was unable to reproduce issues 1-3, and I
believe you are experiencing issue 4 because of the changes made in Word
2016 as to how comments are displayed--see notes below. Since you said you
just installed Office 2016, I wonder if the installers are always updated
reflect the latest updates, so I would suggest checking for updates in
Windows, installing any updates available for Office, and then trying

I tested your issues on a large Word file I created by copying/pasting
several files to create a 2,880-page document. Here's what happened, using
the desktop version of Word 2016:

1. It did take my seven-year-old computer about 20 seconds, but when I
accessed the Word Count option from the Review tab of the ribbon, the
did eventually come up, and I was able to access it (e.g., 2,880 pages,
1,368,661 words, etc.)
2. I went to page 585 and used CTRL+DOWN ARROW to move continuously through
paragraphs until I got to page 591, and then used CTRL+UP ARROW to move in
reverse, and the cursor moved by paragraphs as expected.
3. I performed a Say All at page 585 and let it go to page 594...The pages
read straight through as expected.
4. As this also does not work with another screen reader I tried, I
as I said above, that this is due to Word 2016 changes. Comments are now
displayed in a separate Comments pane which appears when necessary. That
when I select the option to create a new comment from the Review tab for
example, the pane appears with an edit area in focus, I write and navigate
the comment as I would in a typical edit field, and I press ESC when done
save the comment and return to the document. In order to make the pane
visible again and thus be able to edit/delete comments, the most efficient
way I have found is to use JAWS' Comments List feature together with Review
ribbon Comments group shortcuts. I use the JAWS feature
(CTRL+SHIFT+APOSTROPHE) or cursor movement to navigate to where the comment
I want to manipulate is located. Then, I press ALT+R, N to activate the
Comment button on the Review tab, which causes the Comments pane to appear
with the comment I want to manipulate in focus. I can change what is
in the edit field. ALT+R, V activates the Previous Comment button of the
Review tab and presents the previous comment in an edit field in the
Comments pane; ALT+R, N activates the Next one; ALT+R, D activates the
Delete split button from which I can choose to delete the comment in focus
or all comments in the document; ESC closes the pane and returns me to the

Hope it helps!


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Subject: Problems Faced While Using Word 2016

Hi All,

I recently installed office 2016 and have been facing the following
challenges while using word:
1. JAWS and Word get hanged when I open the word count in the review
tab; 2. JAWS often doesn't read anything at all when you press
control+down arrow in large documents beyond a particular point; 3.
When you press the say all command, JAWS reads the same chunk of text
over and over again as opposed to moving forward; and 4. Right-clicking a
comment does not give you access to options that can help you edit/delete a
comment. JAWS pretends that the comment doesn't exist and displays the same
context menu that it would without the comment being there.
This is significantly hampering my productivity; any pointers would be
much appreciated.


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