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Hi, if QuickBooks would be useful to many then great. I'd love to see improved functionality with Media Centre in Windows 7 as even as it stands it's probably the most accessible TV recording system available in the UK at a good price. But it still has minor querks such as once on the programme info screen it doesn't read all the info available. I'd pay a small fee for it to work better. If not then some kind of money management software (deally also suitable for home money management use) sounds good.


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As many of you know I was going to script a new application. One that answers the needs of the blind community. I nearly joined a project already in the works for PeachTree; however, there was a very good reason for not writing it. I won't go into the details, but I will not be scripting that application in the interest of the project's owner.
What I will say, is that I liked the idea of Quickbooks before I was diverted. There are many questions unanswered at this point as to what we truly need. So, it's still on the table for scripting something. This project however will not be free as were my last two projects Rhapsody and iTunes.
Please feel free to talk about what you need and why you feel it could benefit us all. If I took up Quickbooks, it isn't really competing for the financial application, but rather giving us a choice and an opportunity at a job perhaps. I don't even know if the other application will be written, and I have to assume that it won't be in any time soon.
Perhaps there will be those that prefer quickbooks and that's fine. The main idea is to give us more independence in our day to day life.
That's just an example of a useful application, but there are many out there. What I will not do is cross the boundry of Freedom Scientific with Messenger or Office applications, or web stuff. We are looking at client side applications.
So, let's get this ball rolling since my other project is winding down.
John Martyn
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