Contact for Wells Fargo accessibility issues: copying from Wells Fargo "results" web page.

Tim Ford

Hello Curtis,

As I found out to my irritation, Wells Fargo did a major revision to their
on-line banking web site. I suddenly could not do many of the tasks that I
had previously been able to do with JAWS. JAWS 17 seemed to help, and I
also found that Firefox worked better.

Below my closing is the contact person I was given by Wells Fargo when I
complained about the access issues in their new web design. He is a private
accessibility consultant.

Good luck,
Tim Ford

David Ashleydale
Operational Risk Consultant / Accessibility Governance Lead
WFVC Risk Management
Wells Fargo Virtual Channels
333 Market Street, 27th Floor| San Francisco, CA 94104
MAC A0119-271
Tel 415-371-5880

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From: [] On Behalf Of Curtis
Sent: Wednesday, February 22, 2017 2:01 PM
Subject: copying from Wells Fargo "results" web page.

My wife uses jaws 18 and before she could just copy the results of the
bill pay page after the transactions to the clipboard and paste into
notepad or word, but now, it does not work for her.
Is there a setting in JFW which has changed it's default between 17 and
18, or, is the update to the Wells Fargo web site screwing it up for her?
When she copies to the clipboard, and attempts to paste, nothing gets
carried over into the paste action, and after a while, the web page
times out for security reasons.
Anyone have ideas as to what could be happening?
She is not a member of this list so any results anyone comes up with
I'll forward to her.

Curtis Delzer, HS.
San Bernardino, CA

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