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Get a Windows 7 machine although I really don’t know why you torcher yourself with computer technology that is a decade old or older. I mean no offense, but considering that you can pick up a decent Windows 7 or Windows 10 laptop or desktop for $500 or $600 (I assume you are in the US) I just don’t get the point. Yes, you would have to also pay to upgrade Jaws, but unless the $1,200 or $1,500 it would take is totally out of your reach to me this doesn’t make sense. Windows XP is wide open to attacks as no security updates have been released in 2 years. I don’t of course know what you do with your computers, but I use mine daily for my business as well as personal use and I could not even do what I need to do on a 10-year old machine let alone I’d be scared to death the hard drive would die any day now and I’d loose a lot of important stuff. Keep in mind this I sjust my opinion. I also still have one old PC desktop at my store which is 9 years old, but it still can run Windows 7 and actually could run Windows 10, but I have already purchased a replacement HP Mini PC for it so there is no point in trying to bother to upgrade it. Apart from that I love Windows 10 and think it’s absolutely the best Microsoft has ever made, Windows 7 had that honour prior to Windows 10 and of course it keeps getting better with every major update.





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Sorry for the long response, but:

I have several machines running everything from win98 to xp sp3.  Versions of jaws from 5 to 11.  Most sites woulod not let me keep using ie8 so I loaded firefox.  The only version of jaws that'll read firefox is version 8.  So I'm forced to do everything on a 12-year-old laptop that's about to bite the dust.  Gonna have to search for IE11 and see if it'll run onn my XP machine.


Suggestions--besides get with it and gget win10.



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  I like IE but it keeps crashing.  I am using Windows 7 Jaws 16 and IE11.  It crashes so many times Haven't got a clue why.  Does anyone have an explanation?  Thanks in advance


On 2/20/2017 7:42 PM, Carolyn Arnold wrote:

I definitely prefer Internet Explorer. 
Bye for now,
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Hello Mike,
I am surprised you did not receive a bunch of responses to
this one. 
I personally prefer IE. But also have FF for it's webvisum
feature. If memory serves there are lots of people who
prefer FF. 
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I'm a fairly new Jaws user.  Which of these two browsers
works best with Jaws?  I've used Firefox for years, but With
Window Eyes, the mouse keys stopped working.


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