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Alyssa <lyssassong@...>

Thank you for this information! I thought I had searched for it before that
way. I was able to find it tonight. It seems to freeze Firefox, so I turned
it off until I know I'll need it. At least I have it now.

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Sent: Monday, February 20, 2017 9:13 PM
Subject: Re: Firefox vs. I.E.

Firefox and Webvisum work fine together, but you now have to download
Webvisum via the Firefox Add-Ons Manager (in the Tools menu) and not via the
Webvisum website. Go to Tools > Add-Ons Manager, once the page loads, use
Jaws Key+F7 to bring up the list of links on that site and go to "See more
add-ons", it's the last link for me when I just did this. Once that page
loads you have a search box, type in "Webvisum" and press enter. After the
page loads use your heading quicknav keys to find where it says "Search
results for Webvisum" or use Jaws Find and simply search for Webvisum again
on that page. Below the "search results heading you find a link for
"Webvisum requires restart, clickable" and underneath that the explanation "
The ultimate web browsing helper for blind and visually impaired Internet
Press enter on the Webvisum requires restart and allow the installation,
then Firefox needs to restart and once it does you will be asked for your
user name and password for Webvisum, you can check the box to remember this
and once done Webvisum will always load and you will get signed in when you
start Firefox.

Apart from that I agree with the opinion of others, IE is still my preferred
browser, but I think it is essentials to have at least Firefox on your PC
also as some sites no longer support IE well and I think everybody should
have a Webvisum user name and password and take advantage of this great tool
for solving captchas.


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Subject: Re: Firefox vs. I.E.

I agree that it depends on the site. However, when last I checked, Firefox
would not allow for Webvisum to be installed. It gave some kind of error
about the certificate not being published. I never did find a way around it.

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Subject: Re: Firefox vs. I.E.

Hello Mike,
I am surprised you did not receive a bunch of responses to this one.
I personally prefer IE. But also have FF for it's webvisum feature. If
memory serves there are lots of people who prefer FF.

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Subject: Firefox vs. I.E.

I'm a fairly new Jaws user. Which of these two browsers works best with
Jaws? I've used Firefox for years, but With Window Eyes, the mouse keys
stopped working.


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