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Sorry for the long response, but:
I have several machines running everything from win98 to xp sp3.  Versions of jaws from 5 to 11.  Most sites woulod not let me keep using ie8 so I loaded firefox.  The only version of jaws that'll read firefox is version 8.  So I'm forced to do everything on a 12-year-old laptop that's about to bite the dust.  Gonna have to search for IE11 and see if it'll run onn my XP machine.
Suggestions--besides get with it and gget win10.

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  I like IE but it keeps crashing.  I am using Windows 7 Jaws 16 and IE11.  It crashes so many times Haven't got a clue why.  Does anyone have an explanation?  Thanks in advance


On 2/20/2017 7:42 PM, Carolyn Arnold wrote:
I definitely prefer Internet Explorer. 

Bye for now,


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Hello Mike,
I am surprised you did not receive a bunch of responses to
this one. 
I personally prefer IE. But also have FF for it's webvisum
feature. If memory serves there are lots of people who
prefer FF. 

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Subject: Firefox vs. I.E.

I'm a fairly new Jaws user.  Which of these two browsers
works best with Jaws?  I've used Firefox for years, but With
Window Eyes, the mouse keys stopped working.


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