Re: Firefox vs. I.E.

Feliciano G

I prefer the Internet Explorer browser. Firefox is my alternate option.
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On Feb 20, 2017, at 5:10 PM, Alyssa <lyssassong@...> wrote:

I agree that it depends on the site. However, when last I checked, Firefox
would not allow for Webvisum to be installed. It gave some kind of error
about the certificate not being published. I never did find a way around it.

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Subject: Re: Firefox vs. I.E.

Hello Mike,
I am surprised you did not receive a bunch of responses to this one.
I personally prefer IE. But also have FF for it's webvisum feature. If
memory serves there are lots of people who prefer FF.

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Subject: Firefox vs. I.E.

I'm a fairly new Jaws user. Which of these two browsers works best with
Jaws? I've used Firefox for years, but With Window Eyes, the mouse keys
stopped working.


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