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Stephanie Switzer

I'm not sure either. I just hit cancel if I don't want to open my password vault. End it doesn't do that to me on every side just when I open a new session. (Using firefox here) So, if I get done using one site and want to go to another I just go to the address bar and type in the new site and it's fine.

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I tried it recently but it popped up everytime I brought up a site. I assume there was a way to disable that but I couldn't find it.


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Roboform automatically fills and submits login forms. If I save a login in a so-called Passcard and then later go to that passcard via the Roboform system tray icon and press enter on it it wil open up the website, fill in user name and password and submit the form hence log you in.
In a few cases this does not work, but it usually does.


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I think the idea is that, by using a password manager, you really only have to remember one password, and it can be a really good one that no one could ever guess or figure out at any point during your lifetime. Once in, you can look up any password to any site or program that exists (and that you have probably forgotten). For instance, I cannot remember my Face Book or Linked In pass words.
Your file does the same thing, except it is not secure. Anyone who can get access to that file has access to all your pass words.
I do like your idea. It would be really cool to be able to use a hotkey that would identify the proper prompt and automatically paste in the proper password.
You probably cannot get a patent on that idea, but it is a good one. <SMILE>

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Hello all: I have installed 1Password on my Windows 7 desktop and my iPhone. Fairly accessible, and the developer is very friendly and approachable. One thing I haven't figure out, however. I was hoping that the 1password would make it possible for me to log in on these websites and the password would be automatically fed in, but that doesn't seem to happen. I know that you can have 1password display your passwords, but that doesn't seem like such a deal to me. I keep a special file on my devices that lists all my passwords with names of their respective websites. Sure, I have to go there and find it and then do an "idiot paste" as one of my friends calls it. So, what am I missing on these password storing programs?


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I would recommend you take a look at Password Safe <> . It is, at least according to my "informants," entirely accessible in its original Windows version and based on the fact that the latest version is still menu driven and clearly written during the Aero era, if not earlier, it should still be.

There are ports to both Android and iOS, though I cannot speak to the accessibility of either since I don't use TalkBack and haven't worked with a client who's using VoiceOver in a while and never tested out iOS port when I did. All of these are free.

One very nice feature, though somewhat tricky to configure, is using the external sync feature to the cloud such that all of your instances of Password Safe access the same encrypted password safe file that's on the cloud. It saves the PITA of having to remember to enter something on your mobile platform that you entered on your computer or vice versa.

If you do give this a try please report back on your findings, especially regarding the iOS port and VoiceOver.

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