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Thanks much, Brian. You're a gold mine of information.


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Password Safe doesn't automatically fill in login forms but it does allow you to very easily copy either your username or password (but not both at once) to the clipboard. If you include the URL for the website for which a given username/password applies there's also a built in "browse to URL" function or you can use the "Go" button in the password entry creation/editing dialog to have it fire up in your default browser.

Have a look at

This page is accessible even though it's screen shot intensive. The narrative does a pretty good job of describing what's being done at various steps as far as creating entries, etc.

Also, as an aside, what I call the portmanteau method of creating passwords is a way to create complex passwords that are easy for you to remember and horribly difficult for other people to guess. What you do is construct a "standard password" out of parts that are significant to you, combined with something that's simple to remember about your website, that will differ based on where you're using it. Password length is something that adds a lot to password strength, so the longer the better so long as it doesn't become a pain to enter (unless you're using something like Password Safe to store and copy/paste them, then you can go crazy, but I still generally key mine in by hand so I use portmanteaus that are easy to remember.

Let's say your childhood home was located at 1523 Betsy Bell Drive. Your favorite pet was your cat, Fuzz. Your Grandmother's given name was Nancy. Your preferred special character is an asterisk.

For a given website you could create the portmanteau: NancyFuzz<site specific something here>1523*. When you already know the NancyFuzz is at the front and the 1523* is at the end it becomes very easy to get passwords like NancyFuzzGmail1523*, NancyFuzzMyBank1523*.

You can use phrases that no one else would know instead of constructions like this, e.g., HasteMakesWasteGmail1523*. It's a matter of coming up with something that's very easy for you to remember as far as the general construction rule, but that would be virtually impossible for a random person who isn't you to guess. It's amazing how quickly one becomes at typing the "repeated parts" of even long portmanteau passwords. It also allows you to create something that's distinct to virtually any purpose without any two of them being exactly the same.

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