Re: vocalizer voices not there

Soronel Haetir

Do you have the Vocalizer synthesizer enabled in Synthesizer and
Braille Manager?

To check go to the jaws menu (jaws+j) then the utilities menu and
select Synethsizer and Braille Manager.

Open the synthesizers group in the tree and check that vocalizer is
present, if notgo to the add/remove/change button and go through the
process to add the synthesizer driver. You'll have to restart jaws
again if you had to add the driver.

If vocalizer is there I suspect you chose the wrong vocalizer from the
voice download page (there are three vocalizer synthesizers on the
download page but I suspect only one is going to work with jfw14 - I
don't recall which one).

On 2/15/17, mike mcglashon <> wrote:
hey guys:

I have jaws 14 and windows 7.

Tonight I downloaded and installed the vocalizer alison voice using the
typical instll button versus the custom button;
when it finished, it told me it was successful;
I then restarted jaws like it told me too;
I next went into voice-adjustment from the jaws window options menu and
did not see any reference to vocalizer express alison etc at all in the
voice profile list.

earlier in the day I installed tom and jill realspeak solo direct voices
with no problem,
and those do appear in the voice profile list.

did I miss something here?

Please advise.

Mike M.
Soronel Haetir

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