Re: Acrobat Frustrations

Soronel Haetir

I have encountered some documents like this where closing Acrobat and
then reopening the document takes care of it, others that no matter
what I do I end up having to use OCR.

You might also want to try manually triggering the Change reading
options dialog, it is found under Edit -> Accessibility -> Change
Reading Options (it should usually appear as part of the document
opening process but sometimes Acrobat skips it even for untagged

On 2/15/17, Nicole Massey <> wrote:
I'm having a problem with Adobe Acrobat Standard. When I try to access a
document it only gives me the headers and footers of the document. I've
tried several other things, but nothing seems to remedy this difficulty. I
have to access the document in K1000 to get the content, and since OCR is
inexact process I can't do proofing work for spelling if I have to take
direction, so it's something of an issue. This happens to PDF files I was
able to access before, and from a wide array of earlier versions of
so it's not a need to upgrade issue. Any ideas?
I'm running Acrobat 9, Jaws 17, and Windows 7. This is not Acrobat Reader
it's the full version of Acrobat. All of these are updated to current
specifications, too.

Soronel Haetir

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