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Adrian Spratt

As Joni explained earlier this afternoon, there are unsung reasons to stay
current with JAWS, specifically the behind-the-scenes adjustments that FS
makes to developments on the Web.

Your daughter would soon find 40-minute mode frustrating because she'd keep
being interrupted in the middle of her thought process by the need to

I can't comment on your Pac Mate point, and I'm not sure you want to
broadcast it, even assuming the suggestion works.

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Here's a question I have: apparently one can enable JAWS to run from a demo
copy (without the demo timer turning it off) by hooking up a PAC Mate (if
you have one). (A FS guy told us this at a trade show this past summer.)
Well, we have a "spare" PAC Mate that we basically never use because my
daughter prefers her BrailleNote Apex.

Does anyone know the deal with this? I mean, isn't demo JAWS the same as
$900 JAWS that just turns off after what, 30 or 40 minutes?

We bought JAWS 9 with the SMA that got us to 11 and we're doing okay for
now. I thought of buying the new SMA, but what does that gain for us? We've
never called for support after the initial setup all the way from from v.9
to 10 to 11 so I'm not seeing that as a justification, and this is on a
desktop machine so it isn't like we need to be mobile-- this is just
plugging in a USB cable, right?

What am I missing? We've never tried this because we've always had a paid
copy of JAWS and so far we haven't gone past v.11. Just trying to look to
the future.

On Nov 3, 2011, at 3:54 PM, Joni Colver wrote:

Dave, the final price was actually closer to $600 than $500 by the
time I paid the sales tax and shipment of the CD/DVD he insisted I had
to have. I saved a few bucks, but I can say unequivocally that there
is a huge difference in performance on the Internet between JAWS 5 and
JAWS 12.
People probably don't notice that much of a difference version to
version, but I was limping along and frustrated beyond belief trying
to do much online. I am always a reluctant upgrader, so I need the
nudge to do so by having the SMA.

To the person who suggested that SMA stands for send money again, I
got a kick out of that.

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Another way to look at your situation, is in how much money you
actually saved. If you had kept current, going from JAWS 6 through 15
would have been
5 SMA at $120 each for a total of $600. You got current + SMA for $100

So you came out ahead. Congratulations!

Of course I'm not accounting for inflation and the value of the dollar
in all this, but still...

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