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I will See if Dr Denise will put out a video lesson on YouTube for making Edge accessible with JAWS. We talked about it a few months ago but I never got around to setting it up myself. When she brought it up she was pretty excited about it. At this point we primarily use FF as a browser, but it is always best to have at least to browsers and two screen readers and with Microsoft fazing IE out soon it will be good for everyone to start getting a taste of Edge so not to get left behind when IE is no longer supported. I will talk to her in the morning about it and see what she says.

Nate Kile, Assistive Technology Instructor, Alaska Center for the Blind

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Subject: Re: Screen reader access to Windows Edge?




JAWS 18 works with Edge but you have to use touch cursor instead of virtual cursor.



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Subject: Screen reader access to Windows Edge?


I have been told that JAWS does not work with Windows Edge, the new Windows 10 Internet browser.  If that is correct, does NVDA work with Edge?  I am asking because I am on hold waiting for the Microsoft accessibility office to pick up the call, and their hold music includes a frequent advertisement for Edge.  If Edge is not accessible, I will tell Microsoft that it is a bit odd to heavily promote an inaccessible Microsoft product, especially on a service heavily intended for screen reader users.


Tim Ford


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