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Dave, the final price was actually closer to $600 than $500 by the time I
paid the sales tax and shipment of the CD/DVD he insisted I had to have. I
saved a few bucks, but I can say unequivocally that there is a huge
difference in performance on the Internet between JAWS 5 and JAWS 12.
People probably don't notice that much of a difference version to version,
but I was limping along and frustrated beyond belief trying to do much
online. I am always a reluctant upgrader, so I need the nudge to do so by
having the SMA.

To the person who suggested that SMA stands for send money again, I got a
kick out of that.


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Another way to look at your situation, is in how much money you actually
saved. If you had kept current, going from JAWS 6 through 15 would have been
5 SMA at $120 each for a total of $600. You got current + SMA for $100 less.

So you came out ahead. Congratulations!

Of course I'm not accounting for inflation and the value of the dollar in
all this, but still...

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