CCleaner Re: links not working on web sites

Ann Byrne

I use CCleaner without a problem. All the tabs and check boxes I have found work fine. )I don't think there are any invisible ones.)

At 11:07 AM 2/9/2017, you wrote:


I am using CCleaner free and always have been. I cannot answer the accessibility question with any precision since I haven't attempted to operate CCleaner via screen reader. I believe that others who do have stated that it is either completely accessible or "accessible enough" that the common tasks can be performed as needed.

The one thing one has to be careful about is what options under the Cleaner function one checks. For instance, many people have no idea that "MRUs" are Most Recently Used lists and, if you choose to delete these, your jump lists (as they're more often called) and recent files lists in various applications get nuked as part of the cleanup.


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