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Carolyn Arnold <4carolyna@...>

I tried the Insert-Control-W, and it is neat the way it
brings up the words in the document. I typed in Jim, and it
took me right to the first entry with Jim, which was not my
Jim but the guy in charge of our paratransit system at one

Bye for now,


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Hi: Many ways to skin a cat. I use control-insert-f, the
JAWS find. I do it without thinking, it's so ingrained by
now. Then, once you've done that, the
insert-f3 will find the next occurrence of the word. It's
particularly handy in digests. I search for subj and then, I
just use find again until I get to the one I'm interested


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Subject: searching for a word

What is the JAWS command to search for a word etc. in an
open email message in Outlook 2010?



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